Saturday, June 14, 2014

How to deal with collection agencies and telemarketers

If you get a call from a collection agency or a telemarketer, you should do what I do. Act like you're going to pay, and then stutter like Porky Pig.

"My Vu Visa nu nu number is BULEEB BULLEEB four four fu fu four four fu four four fu four four four..."

John Griggs

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Another reason why working in a call center sucks

I currently work in a call center. Today we were really slow, and I was enjoying the long break in between calls. All of a sudden, a manager dials my extension and says "Hey John, I need you to take a couple of calls from another department." I told him "That's fine."

From that moment forward, I took dozens of calls from that department non-stop for the remaining five hours of my shift. I guess my company's definition of "a couple" differs from mine.

So tomorrow morning, I'm calling that manager and telling him I'm going to be a couple of minutes late for work.

John Griggs