Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A story about me, a friend, and two female college students

I now live in Tempe, Arizona. One of the things I like about staying here is the fact that I am in close proximity to Arizona State University. Meaning there are lots of young, female college students in my neighborhood.

So it's a sunny Tuesday afternoon. I'm in my townhouse here in Tempe. I'm in my kitchen minding my own business having a snack. A friend of mine then says to me, "Hey John! Take a look at this!!!"

So I look outside, and lo and behold there are two attractive females walking by in short shorts who appear to be in their early twenties. One was a tall, long legged blonde. The other one was a shorter, but equally attractive oriental. "That's nice!" I say.

Apparently, an open screen door and a distance of 20 yards wasn't enough of a barrier to keep both of them from hearing my booming voice. Both of them stop and look inside my home to see who said that.

I am now wondering where I can get a good deal on work clothes and a construction hard hat.

John Griggs

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