Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Why you should try stand up comedy

If you are wanting to try stand up comedy, there are many great reasons why you should give it a go. This is based on my own experience.

1. It's a great way to make new friends

Some of my best friends now are stand up comedians. In addition to that, I have met comics who have been on television, musicians, artists, and many other interesting people I would have never known about had I never tried stand up.

2. It will boost your confidence

People will respect you because you have the guts to do something most people are too scared to try. You don't have to jump out of an airplane, ride a big motorbike, or fight in a stupid war to do accomplish this.

3. It will make you sexier

Want to talk to that cute stranger you see at Starbucks? Start a conversation with them, and tell them you're a comedian. I've been on quite a few dates thanks to this, and even been in relationships with females that started with them watching my comedy. If you do take this approach, don't do rape and dead baby jokes during your set.

John Griggs


Saturday, April 13, 2013

How to Attract Your Ideal Mate

If you are currently single, list all of the traits you want from your next boyfriend or girlfriend. For example:

I want my next girlfriend to be athletic, be financially stable, and have a great sense of humor.

Then take action to improve these traits in yourself.

For example, if you're a guy who loves athletic women, but you're 50 pounds overweight, and your routine consists watching TV for hours every day, and getting drunk all the time, the probability is very high that you are not going to find athletic women attracted to you. If you love athletic women like I do, get physically active yourself!

So, let's take those list of traits I listed earlier. These by the way, are traits I look for in a woman. The list is definitely not all inclusive, but I wanted to keep it simple for the purpose of this article. Take your list of traits, and list action steps you can take or are currently taking to improve yourself in this area. I am actually going to do this exercise so you get the idea. Here we go:


I currently hike, play volleyball, play tennis, and bicycle regularly. I work out a minimum of three times each week.

Financially Stable:

I have a day job, but I am working toward becoming financially independent. I have other income streams that I am actively working on growing. Very soon, I expect that I will earn all of my income from my comedy, writing, this website, and other businesses that I build.

Sense of humor:

I am a stand up comedian, and I am always looking to improve my act to make it funnier. I also constantly am working on focusing on the present moment, which helps with spontaneous humor.

Doing this exercise yourself and following through with it will help you meet your next amazing boyfriend or girlfriend.

All right, so now that I've tried this exercise, now you try it! Work from this list here first:

I want my new siginificant other to be smart, be able to carry on an interesting conversation, and give great blow jobs.

John Griggs


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Is God Black?

I think God is black. I believe this because over 2000 years ago, God got a woman pregnant. To this date, nobody has seen Him!

John Griggs


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Totally Effective Way to Write Jokes

Some of the best jokes out there come from a bad experience the writer had. So, if something painful happened to you, write some jokes about it! Here's one I wrote recently:

The post office lost a package of mine. So I called their customer service department. I said "You guys are a bunch of lazy slackers, and aren't accountable for anything! Are you hiring?"

Indeed some of the best humor comes from people going through periods of grief. Therefore, I'm giving my boss a ton of new material this week.

John Griggs