Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Importance of Nonverbal Communication

We communicate much more than simply the words we speak. In fact, a study done at UCLA discovered that 93 percent of communication is done nonverbally.

So what is nonverbal communication? Nonverbal communication is your body language and the energy that you are putting out to the world.

I totally believe that nonverbal communication trumps verbal communication. Here is a short story which will prove this:

A few years ago, I met a beautiful woman at a bar in Tempe Arizona. After making some small talk, we started making out, and she ended up taking me home. How did I accomplish this? I'll  save all the juicy details for another time, however I will tell you I did say something to her right before we started kissing. At the end of the post I will reveal the magic words! :>

Lots of guys look for the magical pick up line, or want to know what to say to get a woman to sleep with them. I can tell you this; how a woman reacts to you is NOT dependent on what you say to them. The vibe that you put out determines how she reacts to you.

Getting back to my story; As I stated earlier, right before I kissed the woman at the Tempe bar, I said something to her. You want the magical pick up line guys? This is what I said:

"Let me sample the goods!"

Was it it my verbal or nonverbal communication that got me laid? You be the judge.

John Griggs

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