Sunday, January 20, 2013

49ers fan stabs Atlanta Falcons fan outside Georgia Dome after playoff loss

Today, after the NFC Championship game, a 49ers fan and an Atlanta Falcons fan got into a fight outside the Georgia Dome. The 49ers fan ended up pulling out a knife and stabbed the Falcons fan in the neck. You can read the news article here:

Falcons Fan stabbed in neck by 49ers fan outside Georgia Dome after loss

I mean, come on! Is a football game really worth getting into a fight over? No way! It's really not worth throwing punches, much less pulling out a knife and injuring somebody over something like that. It's too bad that some people are so stupid.

And it's also too bad the NFC Championship game wasn't being held in San Francisco today. Then it would have just been a pillow fight!

John Griggs

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