Friday, November 30, 2012

NFL Game Preview - Arizona Cardinals at New York Jets

This coming Sunday at 1:00 P.M., the Arizona Cardinals play the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The Arizona Cardinals/New York Jets game will be like two French people having sex. They both stink, and one of them will end up on top.

 John Griggs

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

See me at Stand Up Live Wednesday December 5th

I am performing at Stand Up Live in Phoenix on Wednesday December 5th. I will be participating in Stand Up Live's New Faces of Comedy show. Come see me and other comedians bring laughs to Phoenix's biggest comedy club!

Admission is free if you mention my name at the door. You'll see a great variety of talent... from newcomers to seasoned veterans. I watched the last show they had & it was spectacular! This is definitely a show you don't want to miss!

Show time is Wednesday December 5th at 8:00 p.m. Here is the address:

Stand Up Live
50 West Jefferson Street
Phoenix, AZ 85003

For more info on this and other shows, visit

See you there!

John Griggs

Friday, November 16, 2012

Dating and Stand up Comedy

One thing I love about doing stand up comedy is the opportunity to meet a lot of women. I've been doing comedy for a little over eight years now. During that time, I've had three long term relationships and lots of dates with different women. All three of my relationships and quite a few of my dates started out with them seeing me do comedy.

Doing stand up comedy communicates these things about you:

1. You're funny.

2. You have the courage to do something that most people wouldn't do. 

3. You're passionate about something.

If you're a guy, having these three qualities will definitely help you attract women.

I wrote this article primarily for guys. However, I didn't forget about you ladies! :> Ladies, if you do stand up comedy, the amount of guys doing stand up greatly outnumbers the number of females that perform. So ladies, write some funny jokes and give it a shot! You'll have a lot of guys to choose from. If the relationship/date goes bad, guess what? You'll have lots of new material!

John Griggs

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Getting paid for stand up comedy

So you want to get paid for doing stand up comedy? I hate to disappoint you, but for most comedians, the money is just not there.

Based on my experience, I will tell you how conversations will usually go with bookers:

"I have a show I'd like to have you do. There's no pay, but you'll get stage time!"

When a booker says this, he is saying you're not getting any money for your work. However, you'll get to practice your craft so you can (hopefully) get paid gigs in the future.

So tomorrow I'm going to shop for a car. When I go to the dealership and the salesman tries to sell me the vehicle I want, here's how it's going to go:

"So you want $35,000 for a 2013 Camaro? Sorry, there's no pay for you this time. Just hand me the keys! I'll get to drive a new car, and you'll get the experience of selling me it! We both win!!! Do we have a deal?"

I'd love to see how that goes.

John Griggs