Monday, October 1, 2012

How to write a what's the difference joke

I am known for writing "what's the difference" jokes. I have a lot of them. If you want to add more jokes to your arsenal, you should consider writing what's the difference jokes too!

To write one, you simply take two different words or phrases, and then say "What's the difference between #1 and #2, and then come up with a funny punchline!

One way to do this is to actually think of how these two things are similar first.

Example: What's the difference between Michael Jackson and my credit card?

They're both plastic, but my credit card is not buried six feet underground!

Or just do a funny punchline...

What's the difference between the girl I'm going on a date with tonight, and my television?

I'm not getting my television pregnant!

Try it!

John Griggs

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