Sunday, September 23, 2012

Viral Video - Gangnam Style by Psy

There's a song called Gangnam Style by Psy that's been out for about two months now. This music video has gone totally viral, and is now the most liked video on YouTube of all time.

This video was first published on YouTube July 15, 2012. At the time of this posting, it has over 256 million views!

If this doesn't amaze you, let's compare this number to other popular music videos on YouTube:

Lady Gaga - Just Dance
153 million views - published June 16, 2009

Enrique Iglesias - Tonight I'm Loving You
30 million views - published March 3, 2011

Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO
484 Million Views - released March 8, 2011

By the way, Party Rock Anthem formerly was the most liked video on YouTube. Not any more. At the time of this writing, Party Rock Anthem has just over 1.5 million likes. Gangnam Style has over 2.5 million likes. Psy not only broke this Guinness Book world record, he totally demolished it!

Guys, if you want to attract chicks, memorize the lyrics to Gangnam Style, and sing it at karaoke. It's a difficult feat, but it will be worth it.

Here is the video:

The tune is catchy, and the video is very entertaining. I also love the Oriental women! :D

By the way, Psy is Korean for "Move over bitches, I'm taking over planet Earth!"

John Griggs

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