Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What to do when people don't like your act

Doing stand up comedy can be really tough. Dealing with hecklers, bombing, and not getting a positive response in general can be very unpleasant. If you have videos online, you may be subject to abusive comments from people.

In reality, getting insulted cannot affect you unless you choose to let it. If you have people that get offended at what you say and try to belittle you, it is actually a good thing! Let me explain:

Don Rickles actually got famous because of being heckled. His clever comebacks is what got him out of obscurity and made him one of the most popular comedians of all time.

Negative comments and dislikes on YouTube will actually boost your views, and will help your videos become viral. How do you think people like Fred and Chris Crocker got so popular?

If you are getting negative comments from others, it is actually better than if no one says anything at all. Getting a any kind of reaction, good or bad, can be a positive thing.

I actually got a very negative review from a British comedy website called Chortle back in 2008. I made their "bad stand up of the week" list two weeks in a row. However, thanks to them, they boosted my views by thousands of views! Thank you Chortle!!!

Here are the articles they posted:

Women should be naked or cooking – or both

Ohh I’m a snoozy little piglet!

Had they have known that putting me in such a negative light would actually boost my popularity, I doubt my friends from across the pond would have posted these articles.

Here are the two videos Chortle didn't like:

If you have something to say (good or bad), please comment below.

John Griggs

Monday, August 6, 2012

How to supplement your income while doing comedy

I have been doing stand up comedy for eight years. For those of you just starting out, I can tell you from experience that you will sometimes experience gaps of several months between paid gigs. No matter how funny you are, it is very likely this will happen.

The great news is that there are many ways to supplement your income during your off time. Also, you can even use your comedic genius to make money! Here are a few ways to do this:

1. Write a funny blog that helps advertise companies.

I got my first opportunity doing this responding to an ad off of Craigslist. It took just a few minutes to write each post, and BOOM I had cash in my PayPal account a few days later! These are my money making posts:

Buying a home in the current economy

Getting around in Phoenix Arizona

2. Write jokes for websites and/or other comedians

I wrote an original joke for a poker website a few years ago. It took a couple of weeks, but they actually paid me for just a simple, corny one liner. The joke?

My Mom’s sister fell asleep during a poker game. I yelled “Auntie Up!”

You can also write jokes for other comedians. I know of other comedians that have made some pretty good cash doing this. If you have a talent for writing jokes for others, you can make money too. There are some totally awful comedians out there that could use services like these. Hell, if you can convince a few of these unfunny people in the Phoenix area to utilize your talent, *I* will pay you!!!

John Griggs