Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Accessing Yahoo Mail at Fedex

Yesterday, I went into a Fedex office to print a resume during my lunch hour. I attempted to login to my Yahoo mail to retrieve my document. Yahoo denied me access to my account. I at first thought hackers had hacked my password and compromised my Yahoo login. However, when I logged into my email with my mobile phone, lo and behold... I got right in!

I questioned the clerk at Fedex about this. She said Yahoo blocks all Fedex locations from accessing Yahoo Mail. The weird thing is, I am still getting regular emails from Nigerians offering me millions of dollars in my Yahoo inbox. So I guess Yahoo doesn't want me to print a resume to get another lame job. They want me to be to get rich off of the generosity of these Nigerians. I'm glad Yahoo security has my best interest in mind.

John Griggs

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  1. you can go on yahoo but you have to backdoor it. open the yahoo messenger which is on the fedex office computers use the same login for yahoo mail on the chat and once that opens you will see a little mail icon at the top left once it will work