Sunday, November 6, 2011

Getting Around in Phoenix Arizona

If you plan on visiting or moving to the Phoenix area, I would highly recommend having a vehicle. The public transportation system really blows. You have your choice of either riding buses that take forever, or using the Phoenix Light Rail. With the Phoenix Light Rail you have only one choice of train to take that runs a grand total of 25 miles line that runs from a ghetto in Mesa Arizona, goes through downtown Phoenix, and then ends up at another ghetto in Glendale Arizona. Some of the people that ride the buses and the light rail here are really scary. I had to take public transportation for a few days a while back when my fuel pump stopped working in my car. At the bus stop I was approached by several weird looking homeless people with scraggly beards... and that was just the females!!!

If you're visiting you can always rent a car. However, if you want to really be a baller, rent yourself a motorcycle!!! Check out D&D Motorcycle Rentals located in Tempe Arizona. Prices range from $119 to $179 a day, and they have discounts if you rent for multiple days. Having a motorcycle is a great way to pick up chicks. Just don't pick up any at the bus stop.

John Griggs

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