Monday, November 8, 2010

Money Troubles and Crappy Jobs

Lately, earning money has been a real struggle for me. I currently work at a telemarketing job. The money I make there is a pittance. I've been to three job interviews within this last month. None of them have called me back. I didn't even receive a canned rejection letter.

I have tried the self-employment route. The money I earn from stand-up comedy is a joke (and not a funny one either). A good percentage of what I do earn ends up being spent on gas and food and drinks from being out and about. I also earn a VERY small residual income from articles I have written online.

So where does this leave me? I could try applying for more jobs, but I think it would be a waste of time. None of the jobs I have had these last two years have lasted more than nine months. I got fired from a "good" company two years ago after working there only six months. When I go to an interview, the recruiters ask me "Why did you leave this company?" almost every time. I got canned because I didn't meet their production standards. I think it is total bullshit that I am judged on an isolated incident that happened two years ago. It's a good thing Oprah Winfrey wasn't judged the same way. "Oprah, you got pregnant at age 14, we can't give you a TV show!!!"

I have to take an educated guess as to why I am not getting hired, because these recruiters are cowards and are too chicken shit to actually let me know the real reason why they won't hire me.

I really don't want to work at a cubicle farm for much longer. Therefore, I have to either figure out a way to make serious money from my comedy and writing, or start a business offering another product or service.

I could use some suggestions. Will any of my two readers I get per day offer me any advice?

John Griggs

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