Saturday, June 5, 2010

Forward this Chain Letter - OR ELSE!

Have you ever seen those ridiculous chain letters that tell you to forward it or bad things will happen? I can assure you they are not true. Except of course this one! I actually wrote this one - in a previous life! Check it out Yo:

This letter has been circulating since 1991 B.C. It has remained
unchanged throughout all these years. Which is truly amazing because
Modern English didn't exist back then.

Pass this message on to as many of your friends as possible, and you
will receive good luck! Not forwarding this message could have dire
consequences. Just look at this horror story below!

Nathan Ulysses Thurmond from Toledo, Ohio received this message, and
did not forward it. His classmates then figured out what his initials
spell out and teased him constantly. Depressed, he dropped out of high
school, then started walking down the street and was beat up by circus
midgets and IRS agents. Then some squirrels, thinking he was a NUT,
attacked Nathan as well! Disoriented, he tried to find the hospital,
but instead stumbled into an Internet cafe. Almost bleeding to death,
he found this message in his Yahoo e-mail account, and began to
forward this e-mail to everyone in his Address book. His bad then luck
began to change for the better. His wounds healed instantaneously and
he then met a beautiful blonde girl there. They left the cafe hand in
hand and kissed passionately under the stars. She then took Nathan
back to her place and they made wild passionate love all night!
Unfortunately, when he was trying to forward this message earlier, he
forgot to hit 'Send'. Years later, he barely managed to get his GED,
works at a dead-end job, pays child support to that blonde,
and is paying off credit card debt from a Nintendo 64 he bought his
son at the pawn shop. His son resents him and doesn't play with the
Nintendo because it's obsolete.

Do not let this anything like this happen to you. Forward this message
to as many people as possible. "Everybody's doing it!"

John Griggs

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