Monday, May 31, 2010

New Twitter Account mocks BP

A hilarious new Twitter account started recently mocking BP and their oil spill cleanup efforts. They pretend they are from the actual company and make hilarious Tweets such as "Of course, bp cares about the fishing industry as well. Now, all tuna from the gulf coast comes pre-packaged in oil." At the time of this writing, they have over 90,000 followers. The BP Twitter account actually run by the real company has less than 9,000 followers as of now.

This spoof account has already grabbed the attention of ABC News, Alyssa Milano, and other celebrities and news channels. Check them out here... they are hilarious!

John Griggs

Friday, May 21, 2010

How to Get What You Want

If you are struggling financially, can't get a woman to go out with you, or have other needs that aren't being met, you have to turn your needs into wants. You are much more likely to get something if you go after it instead of waiting around for a handout.

Years ago, I felt I needed a girlfriend really badly. When I approached a women, they often just wanted to "stay friends" even though I really tried my best to change that. Often when I would try to kiss a woman, she would turn away.

I then learned some social skills, started dating other women, boosted my confidence, and got myself in shape. Nowadays the situation has changed. Now I have several women who put me in the "friend" zone years ago now wanting to hook up. Presently, I can't say I know everything about attracting women, but I am a lot more knowledgeable in this area than I was in the past.

Guys, if you want to hook up with a woman, quit being needy. Don't beg a woman to be your girlfriend, don't call a woman excessively, and don't violate her comfort zone/touch her unless she is receptive. Instead, imagine yourself as a lady killer. Be spontaneous, funny, and have confidence. Women will pick up on that, and you will be on your way to being a bitch magnet.

Ladies, you can hook up with guys a lot easier than we can with you. However, when you act needy, you scare us off. For example, talking about getting married when you are in the relationship less than six months is a big no no. Instead, talk to your man about taking fun road trips together. Your new boyfriend will be much more receptive.

Besides attracting a partner, being less needy will help you attract money as well. Look at all the homeless/shady people that go to you begging for money. This just scares people off. These poor people should try other things instead. Here some suggestions:
  • Tell them a joke.
  • Play some music.
  • Tell people that you'll perform a stunt or mess with that snobby looking chick if you give them a dollar.
When I was in Hollywood, a black dude came up to me and said "How about a nice black looking dude like you help a poor white guy like me with some change?" I had a laugh and ended up giving him a dollar.

If you're broke, quit complaining about it. Instead, upgrade your skills so you can find a better job or start your own business. Find a way you can contribute. I've had quite a bit of financial struggles in the recent past. However, now that I am proactively networking myself and finding new ways to make money, my situation is improving every day.

When you are needy, you try to take stuff without giving anything back. The universe and people are resistant to this. To achieve your goals, contribute something of value and in due time you will be rewarded.

Let's take a couple of other examples of how needs and wants are different. 2 Live Crew has that song "HEY - we want some PUSSY". Because of that song, the members of 2 Live Crew got (and probably is still getting) a lot of poontang. If the song was called "HEY - I need to get laid, can a lady help me out please?", I don't think females would be as receptive.

Lady Antebellum also has a recent song called "Need You NOW". The lyrics go like this: "It's a quarter after one, I'm a little drunk and I need you now". If a woman said that in real life to me, and I had nothing else going on, I would probably go to her place and bang her. However, a female saying "I need you" sounds desperate and I would not be back for seconds. However, if a woman tells me "I want you" that is totally sexy. Ladies - who wants some help with writing a song?

John Griggs

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Special Comedy Show at The Ice House Tavern

Are you looking for something to do this Wednesday night? The hilarious Ronnie D. is having a special show at The Ice House Tavern on Wednesday, May 19 at 8:30pm. There is a great lineup of comedians. Myself, Ronnie D., Cierra Miranda, Greg Tidrow, and Sean McCarthy will be performing. Ronnie D. will also have some hilarious short films for your entertainment as well. No cover charge... don't miss it! Here is where it is located:

The Ice House Tavern
3855 East Thomas Road
Phoenix, AZ 85018-7504
(602) 244-1179

Here is the commercial for this awesome show. See you there!

John Griggs

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cinco De Mayo Comedy Shows in Phoenix

Are you in the Phoenix area and don't know what to do for Cinco De Mayo? Why not check out a comedy show? There are plenty of them going on this coming Wednesday. Here is of great places to check out:

The Hidden House
607 W Osborn Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85013
(602) 266-1763

A few short years ago, this comedy show was an open mic with hardly anybody in the audience. Nowadays it is one of the most successful comedy shows in Arizona. Because of the popularity of this show, it is now held twice a week on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Comedians will often use their time here to test new material out, so you never know what to expect. Everybody from first timers to nationally touring headliners perform here, so you can expect a great variety. This a great place to take a date without making a severe dent in your pocketbook. There's no cover charge, no drink minimum, and you can get a steak dinner for only $6 on Wednesdays! The show starts at 8:30PM.

Bongo's Bar & Grill
4080 W Ray Rd
Chandler, AZ 85226
(480) 831-0000

Local comedian Jill Bryan runs a comedy show every Wednesday at 8PM. There's always a different lineup of funny comedians every week. Bongo's also has delicious food, so you don't have to worry about going somewhere else before the show. After the comedy show, have fun watching or singing karaoke. Again, no cover charge, and no drink minimum!

The Ice House Tavern
3855 East Thomas Road
Phoenix, AZ 85018
(602) 244-1179

Sean McCarthy started this weekly comedy show a few months ago, and has quickly turned it into one of the most successful ones in the area. This is a very unique place - you can actually watch hockey being played live behind the bar! Come out for Cinco De Mayo, and laugh your ass off watching some of Arizona's best comedians. Local bands often come here and perform before and after the show, so you will be entertained all night long. The show is every Wednesday at 9PM, and will be a great place to go on May 5th! Again, no cover, no drink minimum.

I have been to all of these shows many times, and I would highly recommend any of them.

Comedians: if you need info on how to sign up to perform for one of these shows, go to my website for contact info here:

Most likely, these shows have enough comedians for Cinco De Mayo. However, come out and support anyway. You will have a good time, and you MAY actually be able to perform if there are cancellations. These shows will be around for a long time, so email/call the comedian running the show, and they will set you up for a future date. Whether you are a comedian in the Phoenix area, or plan to visit from out of town, these are all great places to test your material and have receptive audiences appreciate you.

John Griggs