Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Law of Attraction and Dating

Are you single and looking to meet a man or a woman to be your boyfriend or girlfriend? A good way to do this is use the Law of Attraction to make your wish come true. Write exactly what kind of man or woman you want. Write as if you are already with that person. Then imagine that what you are writing is actually happening and note what kind of feelings you have. This will help you attract the kind of significant other that you actually want.

For example:

The woman I am currently with is athletic, intelligent, has a positive attitude, and makes me feel great about myself. I can carry on conversations with her for hours. She's independent, and doesn't complain about trivial stuff. She loves dogs, is a creative person, and is constantly working on self improvement. She has an amazing body and is an awesome kisser. When I'm with her, I feel like I can do anything.

Sorry guys, this one's mine.

Ladies, if you are looking for an awesome guy, you can do something similar. Like this:

The guy I am currently seeing is a great listener, is intelligent, has a great body, and is totally hilarious. He's awesome in bed and knows how to make me feel special. I am totally in love with him.

Write something like this out, follow the instructions I provided earlier, and this will help make your dream guy or girl a reality. Or ladies, if the last paragraph sounds good to you, just email me at john@johngriggscomedy.com.

John Griggs

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