Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Don't Be a Spectator in Life!

One problem with our world is there are too many spectators, and not enough people actually doing something. For example, lots of us watch sports on TV. If more of us would go out and actually play sports instead of watching them, we would be in much better shape.

Think of all of the time you spend watching television. Just think what would happen if you spent the same amount of time creating something of your own. The possibilities are endless!

I am definitely not going to be a spectator in life. I am going to be the one people watch. I rarely watch sports - I prefer to actually go out and play them. For the same reason, I rarely watch other stand up comedians - I prefer to perform stand up comedy myself and have people watch me.

For the same reason, I rarely watch pornography...

John Griggs

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  1. Good one, John!! Thanks for sharing your humor!!