Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Top Ten Reasons Why Playing Chess is Better Than Dating

I actually wrote this a few years ago. Here are the reasons why playing chess is better than dating:

1. In chess, it is almost always acceptable to “make a move”.
2. After playing several chess games with the same person, you never hear “When are we getting married?”
3. After you stop playing chess, you never have to worry about paying child support.
4. You can play chess with as many people as you want and no one gets mad.
5. In chess, it’s all right to be a “player”.
6. In chess, intelligence is always a plus.
7. In chess, you can impress people by beating the crap out of someone.
8. You can play chess for free.
9. When playing chess, you don’t have to dress up.
10. At the end of a chess game, you will almost always end up “getting a piece”!

John Griggs


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