Sunday, October 4, 2009

Competition is Fierce for Crappy Jobs

A few short years ago, it was fairly easy to get a job. If you wanted to find employment quickly, a good thing to do was to do this was to go to an employment agency. The pay usually wasn't that great, but they would usually find you a job in a week or two. You could count on a regular paycheck until you found a regular job at a decent company.

Now the situation has changed. Because jobs are not plentiful, it is very competitive to find a job, even with a staffing agency. If you are "lucky" enough to get hired, the people you work for will constantly be measuring your productivity. If you don't meet their standards, they will fire you without notice. They only keep people who don't question authority and work very quickly at their sweatshops.

I think it is ridiculous what these places demand of their employees. A lot of them pay only slighty more than minimum wage, yet they want maximum performance.

It's a good thing temp agencies aren't running our government. If they did, they would start eliminating people that weren't world class athletes, and people who don't have an IQ above 140. They would kill off anybody that wasn't the "cream of the crop" in their eyes. Can you now see how horrible it is for employment agencies and companies to run things the way they do?

Then again, if things were to run this way, those of us left would find it much easier to find a job.

John Griggs

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