Thursday, October 15, 2009

Adventures in Being Single and Dating

I've been single for about six months now. Lots of people moan about being single and say things like "Why can't I find anybody?" or "I can't stand being alone!" and other things that are similar. This is not a good way to attract a new lover in your life.

My advice is if you are single, take advantage of the freedoms you have and enjoy life to the fullest. That's what I'm doing. If people see that you are independent, lots of fun, and have confidence in yourself, you will greatly increase your chances of finding your next boyfriend or girlfriend.

I've been on a few dates in the last couple of months. Some of the women I have gone out with recently are nice, but I don't see being in a relationship with them.

However, I went out on a date with this one woman recently. I really like her, and hope we can be more than friends. By the way, if any woman who has been on a date with me in the last couple of months reads this, I am talking about you! :>

John Griggs

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