Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Comedy Contest at JJ's Cantina in Scottsdale

Well.... my Comedy Video of the Week is a day late again. My apologies - I've been VERY busy! I did a comedy show at Laffs Comedy Club in Tucson yesterday, and started a new job today. Tonight at 8:00PM I am performing at a comedy contest at JJ's Cantina in Scottsdale Arizona. Tomorrow I am volunteering to take care of a dog for a couple of hours for After that I am going to be involved with some comedy skits that are being filmed. I suppose I'll find time to catch up on sleep some time after that.

With that being said, stop by JJ's Cantina in Scottsdale sometime on a Friday night. It is a comedy contest hosted by Captain Tripp. It's every Friday night at 8:00PM, and it's only a $5 cover charge! It's a great way to enjoy stand up comedy without paying a high cover charge. Here is the address:

JJ's Cantina
409 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85257-4216
(480) 990-3477

After the show, you can watch or sing karaoke as well! Here is Jonathan Gregory singing "You Can't Touch This" at JJ's Sports Cantina. The blonde lady is the karaoke host. Watch her reaction!

John Griggs

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