Friday, August 14, 2009

New Make Money From Home Opportunity

I found a new website where you can make easy money. YouData will pay you for viewing advertisements tailored to you. They will also pay you referral bonuses if someone signs up under your name. If you decide to sign up, please use the link that shows that I referred you. Here is the link:

When you first sign up, YouData will ask you take a brief survey about your interests and lifestyle. After you're done with the survey, just click on "Adgets", and click on the ads that interest you. They pay you via PayPal every Friday!

Do you have a blog? You can display ads from YouData that are tailored to your readers if they choose to view them. Your reader will get paid for viewing the advertisements, and they can choose to split the revenue with you! Here is the information on how to get started:

Intro for Bloggers

Instructions on how to get started with YouData's advertising program

Of course if you have a blog, I recommend you have your domain name. Check out the Comedy Video of the Week if you need an idea for a name:

John Griggs

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