Thursday, July 23, 2009

Scam Alert: Jeff Paul's Shortcut to Internet Millions

Like many of us, I sometimes see some of those infomercials that broadcast on television. One that I saw recently disturbed me. It was called "Jeff Paul's Shortcut to Internet Millions".

The infomercial tells you that if you buy his program for $39.95 plus shipping, you can get rich from people buying products from a website he gives you. They say it's as easy as "sending an email".

Before sending him your hard earned money, do a search on the Better Business Bureau website and type in "Jeff Paul". Also, just do a Google search on "Jeff Paul's Shortcut to Internet Millions", and you will see how many dissatisfied customers he has.

From reading these complaints and my research, I can tell you pretty much what would happen if you purchase Jeff Paul's "system". His $39.95 system will get you his useless materials plus membership to his program for only 30 days. After you receive his materials, you will get bombarded with calls from his company wanting to upsell you. They will request you spend thousands of dollars with them.

Save your money. If you truly want to have a successful work from home business, it's going to take a lot of hard work. You will have to learn how to attract visitors to your website, and learn how to sell products that people want to buy. Instead of purchasing Jeff Paul's program, spend that $39.95 on books on how to design websites. You will get a lot better value for your money.

I am the Home-Based Business Examiner for Phoenix, so I felt it was my duty to report this scammer. I will have an article on my Examiner page with more details on this Internet scam very soon. In the meantime, enjoy my "Comedy Video of the Week". It's an infomercial spoof. Enjoy!

John Griggs

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